Robocop for Charity: Your move, creep!

In the dystopian future of 1987, Detroit has seen better days. Good thing the Omni Consumer Products Corporation has a way to brighten our days and clean up the mean streets. Part man, part machine, but all cop. RoboCop is the new wave of the future.

Invoking memories from our younger days, RoboCop is one of those films that you can’t help but love. Despite its flaws it spawned a massive franchise and has entered the “geekdom” as a classic science fiction “must-see” for all newcomers.

Officer Anne Lewis, portrayed by Nancy Allen in all three RoboCop films, set a new standard for women action heroes. Tough, feminine, characters who didn’t need to wear skin tight leather jumpsuits in order to capture audiences. Nancy Allen went on to learn martial arts and receive police training during the second film as well.


These days Nancy isn’t saving cybernetic humanoids from street thugs, she is saving lives in another manner. In 2010, she was named executive director of the weSPARK Cancer Support Center. weSPARK provides quality of life enhancing services to cancer patients and their friends an
d families. A much needed service for the mind and body.

Geeking out for a good cause is right up our alley, and such an event is taking place later this month. Saturday May 18th, here in Los Angeles you can check out an afternoon of RoboCop awesomeness with procedes going to weSPARK.

RoboCop himself, Peter Weller, will be in attendance as well as Allen, and Paul McCrane who played thug-turned-mutant henchman, Emil. Writer Michael Miner, Director Paul Verhoeven, and Producer Jon Davison will be in attendance for a Q & A session about the film moderated by documentarian and author Laurent Bouzereau.

VIP Ticket includes VIP check-in, priority seating & signings, one signed photo of Peter Weller and one signed photo of Nancy Allen for $125.

General Admission tickets are $75.

A once in a lifetime chance to watch the movie with the people that made it.

And now you can purchase limited $35 tickets at [], you have 20 seconds to comply.


Written By The Erik Bryon;

OMfG Uber Geek.