Stomp your way to better gaming


Racing games aren’t the only titles on the shelf that get fancy footwear anymore. Stelulu’s kickstarter for the Stinky Footboard has not only met it’s goal, but surpassed it by nearly 5,000 smackaroos! For you lamens out there, the exchange rate of smackaroos is 4,562 american wing wangs. The footboard is a gamepad for your feet.  Bind your keys and tap away.

Stinky has been built so you can rest your foot on the pad while playing and simply putting pressure on either side or toes or heel will activate the bindings. Modify it with shift, control, etc; for up to 16 possible bindings. I can definitely seeing this giving a competitive edge to certain types of games as well as possibly helping disabled gamers catch up to the rest of us.

What has me personally psyched up is the support for two stinky footboards on the same PC. We are getting closer and closer to fully immersive gaming. One day very soon I won’t ever have to leave my game. I’ll run away to Skyrim and steal bread and live in the forest, you will never see me again. Okay, maybe that is out of the question, but high hopes of being a street rat are what keep me going some days.

Stinky Footboards go on sale in June for $119 +$19 shipping, which is some sort of math number added up. Who’s buying?