The Value of Humans Mar27


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The Value of Humans

Around the time I started working at UCLA, I made a decision to start helping people if I could. I still never carry cash because I find digital money more convenient. So when I’m walking into Wendy’s and someone asks me for change because they are saving up for some french fries, I invite them in with me and buy them some french fries. I listen to their story and we both have some company to share a snack with.

Have you seen this guy at Venice Beach? Panhandling for smiles…

My moral compass has really changed since I started helping people. Today a young girl was at the train station crying. She was begging for help to get home. She was standing outside the train. I ran down the escalator and caught it in the last minute. She is standing there begging for help. She needed money to ride the train, and everybody ignored her pleas. I can help her and catch the next train in 15 minutes or stay on the one I am in. I chose to stay in the train, fearing I would be late to work. As I made petty excuses and the door closed she was left alone in the station as yet another train pulled away without kindness. She collapsed to her knees, sobbing.

I immediately regretted my decision. I had honestly wanted to help her but I was already running late. But in that moment of seeing her giving up. Losing faith. It made me realize how insignificant my schedule is compared to another human. I felt the guilt flow over me. As the train approached the next station I moved forward to the doors so I could double back and appease my own concience. As my train stopped the other train pulled away. If I waited for another train back it would be close to 30 minutes from when I saw her. There would be no way to know if she would even still be there. And I would end up being hours late to work.

All I can do is hope she found some kindness in some other strangers.

Believe me I know that money is not abundant, but I encourage you all to buy someone in need a snack and share some conversation with them. Not just giving to the needy, but treating them like humans. As I move forward on my leap and journey into a new life. I want to be able to stop and make time for other humans.