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Can’t Find a Dream Job? Create Your Own

6a00d834516a5769e200e54f0bd53e8833-800wiStaff Writer, The Career News

**I didn’t write this, but was in a Special Edition not available on the website.

Create your own job. Don’t wait for someone to hand it to you. Don’t hope that you’ll win the lottery. Most of all, don’t give up and consign yourself to a fate of misery and (worse) dullness.

Create your dream job! 

It might sound far-fetched for some of you (while others have already done it) but it’s very possible. Not easy, mind you: it takes hard work and smarts and passion and a lots of learning and a willingness to take risks and make mistakes. If that sounds like you, read on.

Recession happens now and then. The present world situation is very volatile in economic terms. It’s not surprising if you wake up one day and find that you no longer have a job. A recession can have a great impact on workers because there is a good chance you could be out of work when a company decides to make cutbacks. What can you do to avoid this? What is an ideal job during a tough job market?

An ideal job in a down economy

A home based business can be an ideal job during a down economy. If you have special skills, these skills could be transformed into an income generating venture based in your home. Returns could be great and it’s very easy and convenient for you. Home based businesses are being encouraged not only for the monetary returns but also for the family bonding which it promotes.

It used to be possible that if you worked hard and hung in there, then eventually, you’d be recognized for your efforts and rewarded in your career. However for hundreds of thousands of Americans this hasn’t been the case for quite some time. And no one is exempt. From entry-level workers on up to middle managers and executives, individuals find themselves missing rungs on their corporate ladder, or worse, downsized.

Job security is a rare commodity

And maybe that’s why more and more disillusioned corporate refugees are leaving the 401k fold, opting to put their skills to use by going into business for themselves. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. But the reality of it is that start-up businesses require risk. Likely more risk than the average corporate castaway would care to take.

Consider the rewards of running your own business

If you’re interested in opening your own business, you should definitely consider the potential rewards of a business that would allow you to work from home. A home based business offers an amazing level of autonomy, and there are a surprising number of work at home opportunities.

Today, entrepreneurs around the world are discovering that running a business from your own office can not only be convenient and enjoyable, but also a smart move financially. In the U.S., over 20 million businesses are run from home-offices. Most Americans consider this kind of business to be legitimate and often times, we envy people who own these businesses.

A Smart Choice for Entrepreneurs … 

Of course not every business can be run from your house, but with the help of computers and technology, a wide variety can be. There are many reasons why this is the smart choice for entrepreneurs, people who need supplemental income and for those disillusioned corporate refugees who want something better.

First, the cost of the business could be significantly lower because you will not need signage, interior branding or to buy or lease commercial property.

Second, your overhead will be greatly lowered, putting more cash in your pocket. You will not have to pay real estate fees, as well as additional taxes. In fact, you might be able to enjoy tax deductions because you are operating a business out of your house.

Third, you’ll no longer have to commute to work, lessening wear and mileage on your vehicle and allowing you to spend that typically lost time focusing on family, interests, or putting it back into your business.

Just remember to check out all the rules and regulations in your town and neighborhood before you embark on your journey. Have possible scenarios in your mind for problems that could arise, and think about how you will solve those issues now so you can put all your effort into growing your new business.

Whether you’re a parent who desires to own a business while raising children or you’re an entrepreneur who’s simply conscious of overhead, owning a home business could be a smart decision for you.