Meme-ry Lane Monday: Scarlet Takes a Tumble Dec05


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Meme-ry Lane Monday: Scarlet Takes a Tumble

It’s difficult to unwrap exactly when Scarlet Takes a Tumble first hit the net, as the YouTube account purplepbunny deleted the original video some time after her shame became the laughing stock of everyone with access to a computer screen. She later uploaded the full video again on September 27, 2009, clearly coming to terms with the fact that she’d never be able to escape it. Other versions of the video are far more viral than her re-up ever will be, some clocking in as many as 22 million views since October 2008, but one can only guess how many hits her original had before she took it down. At any rate, the video here is the restored original from Scarlet/purplepbunny’s own YouTube account, in all 4 minutes and 43 seconds worth of glory.

[The Erik’s Note: Original video has embedding disabled. This is the full version, hosted by another account.]