Meme-ry Lane Monday: Dramatic Look Nov28


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Meme-ry Lane Monday: Dramatic Look

One of the most parodied viral videos in history, the Dramatic Chipmunk, more accurately Dramatic Prairie Dog, is a classic.  The clip went viral through several uploads to YouTube and CollegeHumor in June of 2007, but the first was actually this video entitled “Dramatic Look.”  The clip was taken from a Japanese TV show called “Hello! Morning,” and the score was… we’ll say borrowed… from Mel Brooks’ 1974 film, Young Frankenstein.  CollegeHumor also released a lengthier, unaltered clip from “Hello! Morning” on June 22 entitled “Undramatic Chipmunk,” showing how completely accidental the shot taken for “Dramatic Look” really was.  “Dramatic Look” has accrued over 33 million hits so far, and it’s been parodied countless times, including versions with a top hat and sinister lookingmustache superimposed on the prairie dog, a red lightsaber placed in his hands, Dramatic Jackie Chan, and Dramatic Bieber.