OMFGCata’s 1000 video celebration Nov27


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OMFGCata’s 1000 video celebration

Those of you who are OMfG veterans will no doubt remember Jesse Cox, but for those of you out there who are unaware who he is, here’s a brief explanation:

Jesse Cox is a voice actor and youtube video maker. He’s lent his voice to countless machinima, games, commercials and more. In June 2010, Jesse started the Youtube channel named “OMFGCata”, with the intention to share his adventures in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta test. The channel hit off and today, a year and a half later, he has garnered 220 000 subscribers and a massive 57,650,595 views across 1000 videos.

That’s right. He has uploaded 1000 videos and this latest one is the one celebrating this feat. It’s 1 hour and 14 minutes of condensed funny moments from all of his videos, and it has a little link in the bottom right corner if you’d like to see the entire video it came from.

The amount of work that must’ve gone into this is astonishing.