Meme-ry Lane Monday: Chocolate Rain Nov21


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Meme-ry Lane Monday: Chocolate Rain

I’m still not exactly sure why this video became so wildly popular.  I mean, a couple hundred thousand views?  Sure.  But 73 million?  Daaaaaaamn.  Believe it or not, “Chocolate Rain” hit the web way back in April of 2007.  I’d tell you some stuff about the history of “Chocolate Rain,” there’s pretty much nothing to tell.  Tay Zonday recorded a song, put it on YouTube, and for some reason, became incredibly famous.  It just proves the theory that viral videos can only become viral when it’s an accident.  Zonday himself calls “Chocolate Rain” cheesy, and according to the incredibly reputable Wikipedia, said, “I don’t know what causes people to listen to my music.”