Scary Science – The End of DWP Nov18


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Scary Science – The End of DWP

This science isn’t scary at all, actually.  This is science I want to get my hands on now.  Last month, if possible, so I could dodge that ridiculous power bill.  I just hope this doesn’t go the way of alternative energy for automobiles.  I’m pretty sure we could easily be mass manufacturing cars that run on hydrogen if it weren’t for the gas companies buying up all the patents to keep wasting our hard earned cash.  I don’t think the Department of Water and Power has the same kind of monopoly capabilities as they do, though, so we might be in the clear.

In case you haven’t watched all ten and a half minutes of the video yet, here’s a quick summary:

-Windows that can either trap or repel heat at the flick of a switch, saving you a metric shit-ton on your heating and air conditioning costs.

-Night vision lenses that require absolutely no electricity whatsoever and can be adhered to any surface, eliminating the need for lights.

-The ability to produce your own energy and transfer it to your neighbors line-of-sight without any need for an electric grid, and

-In so doing, generate your own water.

Watch the video for a little bit of an explanation about how it works.  Unfortunately, there’s no info on how to get it yet, but it’s still in very early stages.  If anybody finds out how to get their hands on prototypes for any of this stuff, let me know, because I WANT IT.