Meme-ry Lane Monday: Dancing Banana Nov14


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Meme-ry Lane Monday: Dancing Banana

We had the Dancing Baby, now it’s time for the Dancing Banana (in spite of the fear of a lawsuit for copyright infringement).  The Dancing Banana, better known as “Peanut Butter Jelly,” is a flash cartoon of a heavily pixelated banana dancing to a tune of the same name by DJ Chipman of the Buckwheat Boyz.  The flash cartoon debuted on the forums in 2002 and swiftly spread across the interwebz through other forums, Newgrounds videos, and eventually, mainstream media.  In 2005, Family Guy referenced the bit by dressing Brian in a banana suit and replicating the song and dance.  Rumors of a lawsuit from either the creators of the video or DJ Chipman that targeted Family Guy for the bit sprung up shortly after the episode aired, but I can’t find any confirmation of such a suit anywhere on the web now.  Family Guy later referenced it again by dressing Stewie up in the costume and telling Brian “I’m pretty sure it was the internet’s thing,” which could have been a comment on the alleged suit.