Doesn’t mario know fur is murder? Nov14


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Doesn’t mario know fur is murder?


Animal rights group PeTA has released a flash game speaking out against Mario (yes, that Mario) and his fur wearing ways. Some of you may think, “What the hell are they talking about?” Well, PeTA claims that mario and his tanooki suit are promoting wearing fur outside of video games.

While you may feel the need to get all worked up over this and boycott something, just remember that this is great pubicity for their cause. By taking something to such an extreme it becomes a great way for angry nerds to turn this campaign into something viral.

The game is not up to par with any of Mario’s adventures, the controls are a bit clunky. It follows a poor skinless tanooki that is chasing after Mario to get it’s fur back.

super-tanooki-skin-2d-flash-game-peta-takes-a-stand-mario-kills-tanookivia: G4