Free 2 Play: Rusty Hearts Oct26


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Free 2 Play: Rusty Hearts

It was apparently so good and widely known it was added to Steam, but is it any good? I’m here today to answer that question for you.

My simple answer to that question is yes, yes it is. It’s a great game.

Many MMO’s in the past have attempted to bring arcade styled action to the PC and the masses. Rusty Hearts picks up all the failures and looks at them. Then it goes on to see where they failed and where Rusty Hearts can patch it all up and make it better. Make it better they did. Published by Perfect World, and created by Windysoft, Rusty Hearts is everything I’ve personally wanted from an arcade styled action MMO. The combination of the cel-shaded graphics, fluid combat, epic soundtrack, awesome story line, and the infinite fun to be had here is just too much to handle.


The game-play that this game holds is wonderful. Like I’d expect from it, I often times find myself tightly holding my controller fighting off enemies and feeling like I’m actually in an arcade. I hear all the people around talking and see all the flashy lights, just like a real arcade. It’s so true to its roots that one time when I died, I found myself frantically looking for a quarter in my pockets, only to realize that one, I had no quarters, and two, that I wasn’t even required to go ahead and place another quarter in. Yeah, it’s that fast and fluid. It just flows. Finding a group is extremely easy and it works really well. Pick up a group, get a dungeon, and enjoy yourself, done. It’s really that simple. The quest line had me very interested to find out what was to happen next, and the dialogue was translated near perfectly. The recently added voice acting isn’t half bad either. It’s about time we see an MMO with a decent plot line.

This game looks gorgeous. The cel-shaded graphics just work for this game. Characters and enemies look great, the weapons look awesome, and the effects look like the fell right out of an arcade side-scroller. Flashy blue and red lights just equates to general awesomeness. Combat animations are also well done, none of them feel stiff or funky. It all makes for some good eye-candy.

Over all, I’d definitely say it’s worth a look considering the price tag. A great F2P MMO title that makes for some really good arcade styled fun.

Check out the game here,