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Meme-ry Lane Monday: Dancing Baby

Hey everybody! Remember Meme-ry Lane Monday? We’re bringing it back today with a glorious meme from the internet’s ancient history. The Dancing Baby, a.k.a. Baby Cha-Cha, debuted in August of 1996 as a product sample for part of the animation suite 3D Studio Max. The baby then became one of the first animated .gif images to ever go viral, ranking possibly even above the infamous Hampster Dance in its widespread reach across the good ol’ world wide web. This particular video pairs the baby with a piece of the song “Hooked On a Feeling,” as was first introduced by the popular legal dramedy, Allie McBeal, when Allie hallucinated the “Ugachaka Baby” as a symbol of her ticking biological clock. While not nearly as entertaining now as it was in the internet’s formative years, especially in comparison to some previous Meme-ries, the Dancing Baby was a viral pioneer.