Free Thing Of The Day! Sep08


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Free Thing Of The Day!

We all like our free things. So, to kick today off, let’s start off with a little something called Osu! No, I don’t mean Ohio State University by the way.

Osu! (yes ! included) is a free music/beat game completely powered by the community. I mean, everything is powered by community, program and all. Each song, or beatmap, is made by the community. The game has quiet a simple concept, which I’ll explain here, and if you still don’t get it, I’ll place a video below. Basically, the point of the game is very similar to the game of Elite Beat Agents if you every played that. Each note, or beat, comes up as two circles, a smaller one with a number inside of it and a larger one outside of it, which closes in on the smaller one. The closer the larger one gets to the smaller one, the sooner you want to click the smaller circle, but not to fast or it won’t count! You have to make sure that it’s not to soon and not to late! You generally want to hit it right as it starts to touch the inner circle.

Sliders are a different type of beat, but work out similar to the regular beats. Instead of just clicking once, you must go ahead and hold your mouse button or Z key down and slide a ball through a track to the end, and potentially back and forth a bit. There is also one more type of beat, the spinner. Simple hold down your mouse button or Z key and spin away! Don’t get it all? Go check it out for yourself! A tutorial level is included in the game that would most likely explain it better than I could. Have fun everyone!