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Scary Science: Household Laser Gun

The internet is calling this thing a real life incarnation of a lightsaber.  I would submit that it is closer to a blaster (especially if you turn on the strobe function), but either way, it’s freaking terrifying.  This little handheld “legal in the US for non-commercial use” device is capable of cutting through seemingly anything.  I imagine if someone were to ignore the instruction of “don’t point this at a person,” you’d notice a sharp burning sensation and promptly move the hell out of the way, hopefully before any lasting damage occurred, but I still wouldn’t want to run into anybody with one of these in a dark alley.  Perhaps what’s most frightening about this device is the pricetag: $299.95.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, for roughly the same price as a 32-inch HDTV (the regular kind, not even one of those fancy 3D ones), you could own a device that’s probably more dangerous than a handgun.  Best of all, you don’t even have to go through the process of getting one of those pesky firearms licenses.  I would recommend ensuring your doors are locked when you go to sleep at night, but if the bad guys have one of these things, they might be able to just melt their way through to you, anyway.