TV Tardiness: LOST Aug18


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TV Tardiness: LOST

I never watched lost while it was on the air. I rarely catch a new episode of any show in its initial broadcast. ABC’s LOST was no different. I didn’t even start watching the series until almost a year had passed since the finale aired. In fact, I avoided watching it during the first season thinking it was simply a scripted drama based on the CBS reality series Survivor.

However the girlfriend was a huge supporter of the show during its time on the air, so I decided to sit down and take the 6 season plunge into the Pacific Ocean and allow myself to wash up on the legendary island.

LOST was the brain baby of J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, oh, and of course Jeffrey Lieber. Lieber wrote and pitched the original pilot for LOST, then titled Nowhere. ABC brought in Abrams and Lindelof to add some flair to the series, and Lieber’s contributions to the series ended at the pilot.

The series is noted for its use of flashbacks to explain the characters before they were stranded on the island. Later in the series it would go on to use flash forwards to show us the future and even inventing the flash sideways in the final season. This helped not only to show the characters of the show were Lost, but also to make sure the audience was confused and disoriented throughout the series as well.

I continually stated while watching through the seasons that it would be interesting to me to see someone take on the huge project of cutting the entire series together in chronological order. I wonder if this would add to or take away from some of the mysticism and secrets the show kept viewers hanging on to.

I’m not going to break down the episodes or the plot line. There is not enough server space on this site to analyze LOST. Some of it was engaging, some characters were annoying, but mostly the female ones. I’m not being sexist, but throughout the entire series Kate (played by Evangeline Lilly) is made out to be this bad-ass rebellious free spirit who doesn’t take orders from men or let men rule her life. When in all honesty I was rooting from about season 2 on that someone would just shoot the bitch and make everything easier. She constantly puts the entire group in danger because she won’t listen and just stay behind. She pretty much causes most of the in-fighting that prevented the castaways from noticing the outside forces coming to do them harm. Had Kate gotten killed off at some point early on the castaways would have had an easier time on the island.

The show has its flaws like any show does. The daytime soap opera-esque long stares as music swells gets pretty cheesy early on. Also in the vein of daytime soaps we see characters age and die and come back all over the place. This show at some points is no different than the Bold and the Beautiful with a ocean view. The sci-fi elements are left as background noise until the later seasons and that’s when things really picked up in my opinion.

You can pick up the entire series for around $100 or stream it from Netflix for $7.99 a month. Is it worth watching? Maybe. I wouldn’t pay money for the series, so this is a definite BORROW for me. I recommend plugging through this while you wait for the next season of Dr. Who to pop into your instant watch queue.