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Coffee With the Kraken

You know what OMFG has been missing? A live show. Well time to change that I think! Starting this Tuesday I will be doing a 2 hour show on livestream called Coffee With the Kraken. This show will air every Tuesday at 7pm PST(10pm EST), and every Saturday at 12pm PST(3pm EST). Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Krieken you magnificently stunning specimen of a man,  What is this show all about?” Well let me tell you, you handsome devil! This show is all about…
-Gameplay of games i’ve never touched before in my life.
-Laughing at Stupid People
-Rants about things I hate
-Absolutely no structure whatsoever
-Krieken’s Top Ten of the Week
-And Much Much More!
Want to join in on the madness? Email me anything you’d like to see me make fun of at kriekenzero@omfg.fm.
Tune in this Tuesday at http://www.livestream.com/coffeewiththekraken at 7pm PST, or tune in half an hour early for pre-show stupidness. I hope to see you there!
…well, It can’t be any worse than anything else on the internet right? RIGHT?

Don’t answer that.