Scary Science: Black Holes and Their Growth. May23


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Scary Science: Black Holes and Their Growth.

The UK has been racing to find the answers to the universe, and to their surprise they are starting to find what they seek. Dr Alejo Martinez-Sansigre of the University of Portsmouth and Prof. Steve Rawlings of the University of Oxford made their new discovery by using radio, optical and X-ray data.

The evidence that points to black holes being everywhere in the unvierse is extremely strong, and because of this, many scientists and astromnerms agree that there is a black hole in the center of every galaxy. Martinez and Rawlings both decided to use radio, optical, and X-ray data to pinpoint these blackholes and see how they spin. Taking theoretical models and comparing them with data they collected, they then infered the amount of materials needed for the black holes to “suck” up and finally were able to infer their acceleration speeds. They were able to deduce that the black holes that only suck in small amounts of matter barley move, while the black holes that merge with others spin at a more rapid pace.

This is the first discovery of black holes that points to their acceleration cycles and how black holes grow, this little bit of information will go a long way in our space exploration and how we study other phenomina. The spin of these supermassive black holes can tell astronemers how old they are and how they were formed. This also can help determine where other planets and stars sit in their respective galaxies.

Even though the data is small, and there is much more to learn, these two astronermers expect to see a lot more data in the upcomming decade.

Let’s hope what they discover will continue to help science and the space age.