Versus:Candyland v Hell May19


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Versus:Candyland v Hell

Everyone knows the game Candy Land and the frightening revalation that you are trapped in a world of danger and delicious treats. Hell, is another terrifying place that everyone would rather not encounter. Which would be worse to be trapped in, Lucifers domain or a land full of dangerous sweets?

Hell is known for having tortured souls suffering fire and brimstone, while demons poke and prode the sinners. Dante even expresses the horrors of Hell in the divine comedy; which we all know, wasn’t that funny. Hell is imensly hot and no matter where you go, you can hear screams of pain.

Candyland has a beautiful princess that wouldn’t mind helping you enjoy all of the lands splendors. She also is aware that a giant choclate monster lives in her kingdom and I’m guessing, she never warned those kids.

She obviously wants to take the childrens souls.

The only way to escape candyland is to find the missing King, however they probably never told the kids how to find him, and the danger that the delicious land presents is enough to just turn around and find the savest most delicious place to live.

don’t trust this bastard’s smile. He’s hungry for human flesh.

Hell on the other hand has no escape, but no one has said that you can’t bargin with the devil. He is fond of bargins after all, so if you plead your case there may be a chance to return to earth; or atleast get a few days of ease. Within the seven layers of hell, if we are using Dante’s inferno as proof of what the underworld would be like, the lower you get gets worse.

This guy escaped though…

In Candyland, the closer to the palace you get, the safer things become. We can only assume that someone died along the candyland journey. Or worse, was turned into penut brittle. Narnia really seems a lot more safer, even with the white witch running around.

The princess is just as vague as Lucifer has been proven to be, and her little riddles are about as ridiculous as the Sphinx.

Look at how cute she is..

So which is worse? Hell has firey torture for eternity and and Candy Land has evil magical candy creations. Maybe Candyland is the first layer of hell?

The second layer would give you a nice tan though.

The gold goes to candyland, because escape is probably just as hard as hell, however atleast you know what you are in for in hell. Candyland is deceptive and lours unspecting children into walking down it’s rainbowbrick road. (even oz isn’t as dangerous.)

Plus, look at how cudly this guy is. That couldn’t possibley be evil incarnate.

So if youever find yourself in candyland, suicide may be the best option;or living in gum drop forest and making camp there, until you die. Your chances of even surviving any forest in candyland is still probably slim to none since the animals would come off as cute and tasty.

whatever you do, don’t trust this place.