App Wednesday-TiklTalk May18


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App Wednesday-TiklTalk

Have you ever wanted to turn your phone or Ipod into a walkie-talkie? Have you ever just wanted a walkie-talkie-go to Radioshack. If you want to see a full transformation and not have to eat up your minutes, you could always consider downloading the free app TiklTalk. It can fill the void you have for lacking a walkie-talkie.

TiklTalk is a free app that boasts the ability to turn your phone into a walkie-talkie. Now you can play cops and robbers more efficiently! Anyone of your friends who downloads this app and is in your phone contacts will automatically be listed on your TiklTalk interface, you simply need to click on the phone image and wait for them to respond. The furthest distance I managed to make it go was 102 miles, which is pretty epic. There is absolutely zero lag and the audio clarity is crystal clear. Now you will never have to pay to talk to your friends again.

TiklTalk is a simple free app that can be used for whatever you need a walkie-talkie for, which makes it even cooler. Especially for little kids who have Ipods.

TiklTalk gets 5 out of 5 because it’s simply one of the most thought out and intense apps to date. It isn’t confusing, nor is it full of useless tools. It’s simple and you can use it for whatever you imagination compels you to use it for.