THE FRIDAY F#@& OFF: Angry Birds Online May13


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THE FRIDAY F#@& OFF: Angry Birds Online

Angry birds has taken the world by its feathery greatness, and those pissed off little fowls didn’t just stop there; they decided that they needed to torment those evil little pigs on the web browser also.

The game is fundamentally the same as the phone app and yet again Friday has managed to pull itself out of hiding and reveal itself. So, instead of just playing on your phone and giving it away that you aren’t doing anything, try this online, you’ll probably get a raise for finally “working” on a Friday.

For those of you who don’t have the slightest idea of what this game is about, allow me to explain; essentially you toss a bird at a pig. These little hogs decided that they needed to steal the bird’s eggs and slide them down their little piggy throats. The birds are of course furious and that’s where you come in, you get to literally toss the angry birds off a sling shot into oddly constructed structures that the pigs managed to create and barricade themselves in.  You are rewarded points on amount of attempts and how successfully you dismantled the genius pig’s buildings of protection.  The controls are simple, you click and drag to toss the winged creatures and then laugh in hysteria as stone panels fall on top of the pigs.

If you love animals or are an active member of PETA this is probably not for you, ever. It’s that simple, the game is completely made for those who have always wanted to throw an animal into another one. So check it out and fill that carnal desire to kill pigs.

Angry birds online gets a 5 out of 5 because it adjusted very well to the platform change, albeit they didn’t have to worry about changing anything, and it’s simple fun.  So get online and start wasting your day flinging wild animals around!