App Wednesday: Books May11


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App Wednesday: Books

Google books has been around on the android for quite some time, however it has started to hit the download queues of many people when they discovered that it provides more free books than the nook.

Google Books app provides many new books and even more classics, but the catch is that they don’t cost anything. You are provided with 3 amazing books that will take you some time to read before you can even venture out into the deeper world of reading. The three given books are: Alice’s Adventures through Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, and Great Expectations.  If you are a book savvy person, then these probably send chills of excitement up your spin, if you are not then you are probably going to consider passing this app up. Don’t do that though, the database of downloadable books would make your brain explode and is almost an unfathomable amount. If you are not a reader maybe now is the time to start.

Check this app out, it is totally worth it and because it’s on your android phone you can always read under the sheets in the dark. You can be that pretentious person in the coffee shops reading from your phone and sipping a frap, or you could just simply read on your carpool to work and ignore your co-workers. Whatever it is you are imagining you can do with this you probably can, unless you want to read in the shower then you are pretty screwed, no one has found a sure fire way to do that yet.

Google Books app gets a 5 out of 5 because there couldn’t possibly be a reason to give it anything less, well unless you hate reading, then imagine it received a 0.