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Musical Monday: Doctor What

Merry Monday Everyone!

Charlie McDonnell is one of the biggest people on youtube that isn’t straight musicians. In fact, he has the most subscribed channel in the UK. One thing he does is that he writes songs (rarely puts them on his channel though), with his band “Chameleon Circuit”. CC is a band that makes songs about the british television show Doctor Who. To celebrate the launch of the latest season of Doctor Who, Charlie released an acoustic version of their song “Doctor What”. The lyrics are clever, cute and funny, the music works well (I’m a big fan of Ukeleles myself) and the video is interesting enough to watch several times just so you can see all tidbits it has to offer.

Musical Monday is an attempt to ease the burden of mondays by playing great and geeky music. If you have any suggestions, send an email to blondie@omfg.fm.