Friday F#@& Off: Dwarves May06


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Friday F#@& Off: Dwarves

For those of you who have steam and are looking for another fun game to play, Dwarves is the new epidemic. Only costing $9.99 to download this game comes jam packed with various different playing types. It’s cute and quirky and can add hours of enjoyment, or yet again another wasted Friday.

The premise of the game is complicated to wrap your mind around, and they stuck a lot of different types of mini games into this bad boy. It’s essentially dig dug mixed with base defense, tower wars, and a skirmish. Your goal is to become the richest Dwarf empire before you discover your fate of death. There are various difficulties and even a sandbox mode (which can only be played if you buy the game).The dwarfs do pretty much everything and all you have to do is guide them through the caves. It’s a bit of a stretch to say this game is 100% enjoyable, but it can be one of those games that you play every so often because you are bored. It’s incredibly simple, but the levels do prove difficult as you progress. Whatever your fancy is, this game would most likely provide it.

Dwarves get’s a 3 out of 5  because of its lack of entertainment. It can and will tide you over until the next best thing comes along, but that is not worth it getting an extra two points. The game could use a single goal, that is for sure, instead of being a mash up of arcade games. All in all this game is worth checking out if you want to pay ten bucks, if not then pass on this one. It is Friday however, so you could download the game and see how you like it instead of doing whatever it is you do in your office. Dwarves at least deserves a chance because it may find it’s hearts into some people.