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App Wednesday-Pocket Empires

If you have been looking for a good RTS app to play on your android or apple product, you may appreciate the game Pocket Empires. Many people have found the oasis in the desert of RTS apps, and will stand by Pocket Empires until the end.  This game has a massive following, and many more players are sure to follow.
Pocket Empires is a basic real time RTS where you are provided with a small village. You are required to recruit an army, gather enough food and gold to be a flourishing city, and spread your people to the furthest reaches of the lands.  While doing all of this, you also have to fight against other players and also take out the demons that are causing destruction to the land. One of the best features people love is that you can form an alliance with other friends and attack the same areas together. This game boasts it’s PVP abilities and delivers all of its promises.  Pocket Empires starts out very quickly and finds a way to plateau for a few levels, until you have a sufficient health supply and soldiers that is. Stock piling is very repetitive and gaining levels can be a bit frustrating, but once you start to acquire these pieces to the overall puzzle, the game picks its pace up and provides much to do.  Many have found themselves checking up on their kingdoms up to 5 times a day, and the fun never stops.

As long as you enjoy PVP real time RTS games you will be very happy with Pocket Empires. This game could add some more features than its basics, but it has everything needed to make a great game without any flare.

Pocket Empires gets a 4 out of 5 because there is still something lacking in this game, but it has the fundamentals that every RTS needs and the PVP is outstanding.