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Anonymous Social Change

When the power of the internet becomes fundemental to your nations success, be careful in how you behave as a leader. The internet is the ultimate democratizing tool. It gives the ultimate weapon to the very people you might seek to silence.

I remember being a young man, growing up nerd during both sides of the very cusp of the internet. At one point I was reading translated document on this new kernel that would never be as big or useful as Minix. It wasn’t. It became far larger, far more useful, and far more important. I would argue that the GNU/Linux combination created the entire world as we know it today. Stallman and Torvalds did more than give away free software. They did more than give away free code. They gave away freedom itself. I do not believe the internet would have been commercially viable without this free beer.  I am sure it would have grown, but not even close to our current progress.

I digress though. It is Sunday, I am to be allowed my weekly ramble. Anonymous, I wish you well with this particular endevour. The fundemental human rights you cite are worth fightin for, fightin to protect and fighting to give.