App Wednesday-Daily Ab Workout Apr27


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App Wednesday-Daily Ab Workout

Spring time has finally arrived and summer is right around the corner. You need to work off that flab and lower your waistline, but how can you achieve this? Going to the gym is rather expensive, and no one wants to see  a “hefty” person run down the sidewalk. Maybe you are just allergic to your peers watching you exercise? Whatever your hang up is for not getting those washboard abs, the world of technology has found a way to help you out. Say goodbye to the thoughts of lipo and put down the box of cookies because the android market has an app that will make all the pain go away. The Daily Ab workout app has been around for a while but now is a wonderful time to download it and start shedding those unwanted pounds.

It’s essentially a 5 minute exercise that you can do once every day. Each exercise comes in a set and you just have to have enough determination to stick with it. There isn’t any variety in the workouts so after a while you will feel a bit tired or you will fall into the routine. Each set works out a different area in your abs and you will feel the burn by the end. Surprisingly it can leave you winded, especially if you spent all winter storing fat to keep warm.  This app totally beats having to leave your house, or your mom’s basement so get online or go to the app market via your phone and start working towards your six pack. You never know, you could very well end up finding a very beautiful woman who only wants you for your good looks and money. Then you can thank me, and the app creators for you new found love.


If you have more target areas you should also download the arm and leg workout apps, they don’t need a review because they are exactly the same as the Ab workout, so you can kill three birds with one phone. Get it? Anyway, this app (or these apps) are worth your time and precious memory space and will leave you feeling very accomplished, and beautiful. Remember that you are only as beautiful as we think you are. If vanity isn’t for you, or impressing the ladies at the lake, go ahead and skip this app, it’s really only for the people who crave more in their lives.

Ab Workout gets a 5 out of 5 for obvious reasons and because it is free to get.