Top 9 Most Evil/Crazy Villians of Video Games and Comics Apr26


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Top 9 Most Evil/Crazy Villians of Video Games and Comics


He really has a fetish for peach, which puts him on the list because he obviously is too insane to realize that their anatomy will never coincide.

8. Dr. Eggman

Eggman can’t seem to get enough of his crackpot schemes that always lead him into an inevitable explosion. His desire for Chaos Emeralds makes him a great villain, but he lost his mind somewhere along the lines. (I would say somewhere in Sonic X)

7. Magneto

He just wants a shining future for the mutants, but the way he goes about it is, well very Hitler-esque.

6. Ganondorf

He wants to rule, that’s not so bad. He won’t stop trying to win even after losing multiple times-extremely determined. Trying to take the Tri-force and creating zombies makes him a lunatic.

5. Spehiroth

He snapped after discovering he was an experiment. He ushered in an apocalypse twice, and all within the span of two years. He almost wins as the craziest, but in all fairness the people did kind of deserve it.

4.  Glados

She hates people, she lies about cake, and she’s a computer. This is one crazy Motha Lova…

3. Kefka

Dismantles the world so he can make it look how he wants. Kefka is the poster boy of insanity.

2. Joker

Kefka was modeled after him for sure. With his love to blow up buildings in Gotham and kill pretty much anyone for the sake of his “joke” makes him a prize Villain.

1. Tom Nook

The Mafia lord of the Animal Crossing world. He preys on new residents and extorts them for every penny they have. He is kind enough to let you work off your unwanted debt at his store, you have no choice though. If you fail to pay him back, he will break your knee caps. Continue to run from him, and your families heads will be in your bed the next morning. Just a fair warning, do not move to his town!