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Musical Monday: Mega Man 3 with Extended Lyrics

[This song contains explicit language. You are warned]

Merry Monday Everyone!

In 2008, a man called Brentalfloss created¬† a parody of the classic titletheme from Mega Man 3 and uploaded it to the internet as part of his “What If <song> had lyrics?” series. The song became an instant hit and later that year he released the “extended lyrics”. The music is already awesome, so it’s hard to make it better, but I think Brentalfloss managed. The lyrics are funny, albeit nonsensical at some points, and there are those parts that are just “Mega Man” said over and over again. All around, it’s a funny song and I find myself singing this from time to time.

Musical Monday is an attempt to ease the burden of mondays by playing great and geeky music. If you have any suggestions, send an email to blondie@omfg.fm.