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Three PAX > Two PAX

The folks behind PAX Prime in Seattle and PAX East in Boston have decided that two big gaming conventions per year isn’t enough.  They announced today the launch of PAX Dev, which will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle during the two days leading up to PAX Prime.  The new convention is less of a convention and more of a small gathering of developers and other gaming industry professionals.  Remember when E3 tried to block out media coverage to make sure that the focus was exclusively on the games and not on impressing the press?  That’s what PAX Dev is supposed to be.  It might actually work, too, considering the fact that they’re not compromising the awesomeness of the real PAX in order to do it.  Full press release below.



Tickets on Sale, Call for Speakers Open

SEATTLE — April 15, 2011 — PAX Dev will bring together programmers, designers, producers and artists to explore the craft of creating digital and physical games.  The show will take place Wednesday, August 24 and Thursday, August 25 (the two days preceding PAX Prime) at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.

PAX Dev is designed to be an intimate event where game developers can concentrate solely on the art of game development. To be sure the focus stays on development; there will be no marketing buzz from an exhibition hall, no bizdev speed dating events and no PR opportunities with press.  PAX Dev is purely about open and honest sharing, learning and debate.

“The idea started with friends in the game dev community asking us to host an event where they could really focus on exchanging ideas without any distractions,” said Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade.  “There are events that are great for signing your next deal or promoting your current project, but that’s not PAX Dev.  We’re 100 percent focused on the craft of game development.”

In the tradition of PAX events, the show will cover video games as well as pen and paper, tabletop, board and collectable card games.

“There is this odd distinction where some shows are just for video games or just table top and collectable cards or just board game.  But we’ve all seen how ideas in one segment can feed and influence innovation in another part of the game industry. Having representatives from all of the extended game development family can only make PAX Dev stronger,” stated Khoo.

Early registration is $249 (at the door pricing is $329) and approximately 750 tickets will be sold http://dev.paxsite.com/registration.php.


Individuals interested at presenting at PAX Dev can submit panel applications at devpanels.paxsite.com.