Versus: Kasumi v. Samus Apr14


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Versus: Kasumi v. Samus

Women fighters and soldiers always fall into the sex symbol category and their strength takes a back seat. Much of the heroism we see in video games comes with a sexy body and pretty face to match, making the female protagonist that much more deadly. Give a hot woman a gun and you’ll have to grab a towel to clean up all that nerd drool, give her an even sexier outfit and, well we all know where this going. So without further hesitation let’s look at two video game vixens that have taken the industry by storm and, just simply kick ass. Today I give you Kasumi vs. Samus in a match to the death.

Kasumi is the poster head for Team Ninja and is creator Tomonobu Itagaki’s favorite. Kasumi was first seen in the original Dead or Alive game and has taken the video game world by storm. With a shy and caring disposition and deadly force to match, she rose through the ranks taking down her competitors and looking beautiful the whole way. When she saw her new character design, Kasumi became even more stunning. Her outfits vary and her fighting style even took on a quicker and stronger pace. She was a force to be reckoned with, and now she has proven her might. Our little runaway Shinobi princess has proven her point to everyone, good looks can be matched with brute force and compassion. What man (or woman) doesn’t want a girl like this?

Samus was first seen in the Metroid series for Nintendo in her powered armour suit. It was revealed to us that she was an ex-military agent and is now an intergalactic bounty hunter. Throughout the first game it was unknown to many that she was woman until the very end, this put her above the curve in a male dominated world, and her attitude didn’t set her back in the slightest. Samus Aran made her way into the hearts of many through sheer force and mad skills. Plasma canons, military tactics, and understated femininity pushed her into the sex symbol category and added more to her story. Samus say her new character design with a new suit called the Zero suit where she debuted her stunning looks and stoic demeanor to the world. This added more to her rep sheet and to the designers dismay Samus is well known for being one of the greatest female protagonists and one of the sexiest. Unlike Kasumi the designers didn’t want her to be a sex symbol and have worked very hard at keeping her sexuality low key, which only seemed to heighten it even further.

Samus has appeared in numerous games giving us glimpses of her true personality. She even made her way into a comic where we saw her as a money hungry no name taking woman with a fairly large ego. Her heroism rivals that of Master Chiefs and blows Laura Croft out the water. Her assortment of weapons can make any man jealous, and her stunning body and good looks are enough of a weapon and tactical advantage that her guns would be assumed as useless. Samus however, enjoys using her weapons and lives by the trigger. She’s a fast thinking and fast acting fighter that could put any man in the grave. This vixen is pure strength and this heightens her beauty even more.

Both of these girls are deadly fighters with enough training to take down a nation. Put them on the same team and no one would be safe, this will also be seen in the new game Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS where Samus will assist Kasumi and the other fighters. We may never actually see them battle, but with the facts we know-we can all make safe predictions. The winner of this verses may never truly be known, but we all would have to agree that no matter how amazing Kasumi really is she can’t dodge a bullet. Even if she did vanish in a mist of flowers Samus has enough know-how and guns to sit Kasumi down.

Who do you think will win in a fight to the death? Don’t be afraid to speak out, but for the sake of this versus article, Samus takes the trophy home.