App Wednesday: Furdiburb Apr13


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App Wednesday: Furdiburb

Since 1996 the craze for virtual pets has grown substantially, and now it has made its way to the IPhone and Android. A great time killer for those who love their virtual pets, Furdiburb is what I would recommend for you. Just like Tamagotchi, Furdiburb gives you a pet to take care of and nurture into an adult pet. With a modern spin and cuter graphics Furdiburb could possibly find
Your Furdiburb is a lost little alien egg that conveniently falls off his UFO. The creativity starts from the beginning and you get a few choices on how you are going to hatch your egg. Depending on how you hatch your egg determines the happiness of your pet, and being mean to it doesn’t really affect the game just the happiness of your pet. If it runs away, you fail as a pet owner. The game is completely touch sensitive which makes it slightly wonky, trying to rock your pet or switch lands poses a large challenge. Interacting with your pet is a lot more fun than Tamagotchi and the other virtual pet games that followed, and it is fun sending them into tornado’s. Havoc or peace are both fun ways to experience the game, and the ability to reset makes it all the more fun to just experiment with your pet. The music and graphics are very cute, and the game has a very childish art design to it. The little alien isn’t very different the original Tamagotchi look and is lacking color in a very colorful world. So the game could add different types of creatures eventually and it would be nice to see a variety of different pets.his way into your heart very quickly.

Overall this game gets a 3/5 because it passes the time and lives up to what it promises. It is a virtual pet game through and through. It could use some musical variety and an easier control system. If you like raising little monsters (or aliens in this case) this game is worth the download, if not pass over it because you really aren’t missing anything.