Top 10 Worst Movie Adaptations Apr12


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Top 10 Worst Movie Adaptations

Hollywood has seemed to run out of ideas, and we all have been subjected to watch terrible remakes and adaptions. This is the top 10 worst movie adaptions-from Superhero movies to Video game movies, these movies wasted hours of our lives and killed millions of braincells as well.

10. Doom

Well, at least the Rock was in it.

9. Catwoman


Aside from the terrible story and acting to follow, Halle Berry did look good in the costume, and watching her lick that guy was pretty entertaining.

8.  Mortal Kombat Annihilation


They now show this movie to prisoners in Cuba as method of torture.

7. Iron Man 2


Seeing Iron Man 2 in theatres: $10
Realizing you wasted 2 hours of your life: Priceless

6. BloodRayne


They had to have just placed a camera man around the actors and asked them to wing it.

5. Howard the Duck


What the Hell was this and who was it intended for because no one who can claim sanity would enjoy this movie, let alone watch it.



Did this movie even get any PR? Even the creators knew it wasn’t worth mentioning.

3. Daredevil


His costume was the best part of the film.

2.Spiderman 3


Emo Toby Mcguire wasn’t really an artistic change, just an idiotic one.

1. Superman Returns


Superman comes back to earth to be a hero, and surprisingly he is ten years younger.