The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle! Apr12


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The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle!

For those of you that haven’t heard of The Humble Indie Bundle before, it’s a bundle of indie games which you can buy for whatever you think is fair to pay, and it’s DRM free. It’s just as sweet as it sounds, but it gets better. You can decide how much of the money you paid goes to the developer, charity or the people behind the humble bundle. Now, a video has surfaced that is announcing the third bundle, with games from the indie developer Frozenbytes But haven’t posted this on the site yet, so this must be fake, right?

Well, the fact that it’s not posted on the site and the newsletter that is supposed to announce this hasn’t been sent does make it look like this video is fake. The video is unlisted as well, so only those with the link could see it, which means that it would be a wierd announcement.

There are a few point towards this though! For one: This isn’t the first video about the Humble Bundle that this user has released. He did a similar video for the Humble Indie Bundle #1 and #2! Why would he make a fake one now? On a second note, the official Humble Bundle twitter just said this around 15:20 CET:

It is hard to keep a secret on the internet smile

Of course, it’s not confirmed, but this is a teaser that could very well be confirming The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle! Are you excited? I know I am!

UPDATE: Other sites are reporting that the bundle goes on sale on the 12th of April at 9:30 PST