THE FRIDAY F#@& OFF: Dead Fantasy Apr08


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THE FRIDAY F#@& OFF: Dead Fantasy

The showdown of force has begun. Monty Oum has taken the fanime world by storm with his “Dead Fantasy” video’s that he released in March of 2010. The premise of the short films, which range between three to ten minutes, are watching the favorite characters of Final Fantasy fighting against the characters of Dead or Alive. Dead Fantasy isn’t just fan service though, it showcases some intense scenes that leave the lines split.  Be prepared to see one of your favorites get annihilated by their competitor.

Dead Fantasy comes in 5 segments and the 6th is on its way to seeing the light of day. As the episodes increase the show takes on a story and even a bloodier disposition.

Without revealing too much, each segment provides two new characters into the battle; one Final Fantasy character and one Dead or Alive character. The first episode starts with Yuna having to battle against Kasumi and Ayane, a gunner against two ninjas. It seems like the obvious victor would be Yuna, but surprisingly this fanime showcases the powers of not only the Final Fantasy Characters but also the Dead or Alive characters. Deadly ninja fighting is only rivaled by the beautiful twirls that the Final Fantasy Characters provide, but it also shows you how regular the characters of Final Fantasy are.

Magic and summons slowly creep their way into the battles and the ninja’s follow suit by turning into deadlier weapons. It’s worth a watch if you want to waste a few hours, or if you are just plain interested. The CG work is phenomenal and the movements of the battle are fluid and flawless. So far there is no voice acting but it has been shown in some trailers that the next segments will support voice acting. Albeit the voice acting will be in Japanese we have seen English text in the already released episodes, so subtitles seem like a large possibility. The soundtrack is beautiful, but many of the melodies playing are from the respective video games. Monty Oum did however weave these together to create a wonderful mood for each episode.

Many are keeping their fingers crossed that the next installments will be up on YouTube soon, whether they like it or not. Monty Oum creates beautiful scenes that leave the watcher full of suspense, and he even adds a bit of controversy. So many are on the edge of their seats and I’m even excited to see what will come out. The story is slow and secondary but as the episodes evolve the story starts to take its rightful place in the spotlight. Suspense and a desire to see more of the characters keeps people coming back, and many people to see it for the first time. It’s always worth it if you just want to waste about an hour of your day.

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