Versus: FF8 v. FF9 Apr07


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Versus: FF8 v. FF9

It’s time to play the vs. game yet again, and today we are going to look at two very controversial games. Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy VIII. Everyone knows the story and everyone knows the characters but which one is the superior one?

We will start with the main characters, Final Fantasy VIII gave us Squall Leonhart a quiet 17 year old emo school boy, complete with a fur lined jacket, unnecessary belts, and fabulous hair. His catch phrase is “whatever” and yet with all his short comings he still manages to shack up with one of the world’s most powerful sorceresses. Squall sounds like the big man on campus, unless you ask Seifer-his rival. Squall has a remarkable ability to attract many eclectic people his way, even though he’d rather be alone. I’m going to take a wild guess and say he doesn’t actually want to be alone, he’s just whiny. Zidane the main character of Final Fantasy IX gives us as some would like to say, “A breath of fresh air”. I would like to take this moment and say, he’s very annoying and way to hyper, he reminds me of a worse version of Tidus, and that’s pretty bad. Zidane comes equipped with an interesting past and a monkey tail, he even is a womanizer. What can this boy not do? Zidane sounds like a very well rounded character and unlike Squall he likes making friends. Squall however wins because he travels to space just to save his sweetheart. That takes some effort for an antisocial SeeD.

He is the Original Emo.

Breath of fresh air or childish and annoying?

Now to look at the stories, Final Fantasy VIII gives us a romance centered story where we watch our not so loved hero Squall go from cold and stand offish to slightly warm and a bit more talkative. His character does develop a bit, but in the end Squall still ends his story being a bit whiny. Zidane on the other hand is more of the opposite, we watch him go from loud and hyper…to well, loud and hyper. It seems like Square doesn’t like to change their characters personalities through the stories too much. The story of IX has romance of course, but really saving the planet takes more precedence than anything. What stands apart between these two games is not just the style of the game but the seriousness of what’s happening. Final Fantasy VIII gives us the time loop theory and the sorceress wars make for a much better story than just a story with reigning disaster. Kuja makes for a better target with his boisterous attempts to destroy than Ultimicia, but she works behind the scenes for quite some time. She is definitely the more intelligent of the villains and collapsing time is a bit more insane. The story of Final Fantasy VIII wins out of the two because IX is just the same story as well every other JRPG story.

The battle system of Final Fantasy VIII is a bit harder to grasp and the games story vanishes a bit because trying to junction becomes a task that no one really enjoys or wants to do. Final Fantasy IX brings us back to the days of old when we just had specific class systems, customization is virtually obsolete in this game. Which one is better? Definitely the class system; it always wins, so Final Fantasy IX takes the gold for that one.

So the champion game out of the two is Final Fantasy VIII, we’d have to give credit where credit is due, but both games aren’t really anything to call home to mama about, so with that said Final Fantasy VIII gives us a story that is unique and plays on some science theories, a pretty good cast (as long as you don’t really count squall) and the tragedy hits way more close to home. Finding out Selphie’s school was bombed was a tear jerker for sure.

This is your chance to chime in, does Final Fantasy VIII deserve to win or does IX beat it out with its hands tied behind its back? Really it’s personal preference, but we all can agree that Final Fantasy IX wasn’t exactly worth remembering, I mean honestly who actually remembers what happened in that game?