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Viral Retakes: Talking babies vs. Patton Oswalt and Michael Chiklis

If you haven’t seen the viral video of the twin babies who are having a conversation that has been circulating since late February, now is your chance. The video was uploaded by the twin’s mother and has reached nearly 15 and a half million views. The twins have been played on numerous television and radio talk shows as well as having made appearances on network morning shows. All for just doing what babies do. Here is the clip if you haven’t seen it yet.

So this video is your typical stuff of viral stardom. Cuteness overload and tiny people doing funny things. However, when a video reaches a “viral” status, people tend to parody these videos. Similar to seeing Stephen Colbert sing Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’, I believe this is the highest level of awesome one can strain out of this video. Comedian Patton Oswalt teams up with Michael Chiklis to put on depends and stand around in the kitchen blabbering at eachother. Watch for yourself as they take on the talking twin babies.

I officially offer a challenge to the internet to find any talking twin babies parody that could possibly top this. FunnyOrDie.com wins again.