App Wednesday: Skyfire Mobile Browser Apr06


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App Wednesday: Skyfire Mobile Browser

Now it’s time to bust out your smart phone and start searching for apps. With so many out there stumbling across a good one can be hard, but today we are going to focus on the not so good, and what makes it go from potentially great to a tragic disaster. App Wednesday is here and the app Skyfire is well, under fire.

Upon searching for ways to watch embedded video’s on my droid I stumbled across the app Skyfire and decided that it was a good idea to download it based off of the features I was promised. It sounded very cool, being able to watch videos on a browser without having to install flash player (honestly I can’t even install flash on my phone). What Skyfire does however is disable the built in browser, runs incredibly slow, and slowly destroys and corrodes your phone from the inside out. Okay, it may not corrode it but it does make your phone get rather slow and things become frozen very easily.  Once you turn Skyfire on it continually runs and tells everything that involves the Internet you are a PC and not a mobile phone. If you try to turn the app off your phone completely freezes, I had to take the battery out of my phone and then try and delete it;  this worked because the app was now off. Skyfire also decides it is your default browser and never gives you an option, even if you use the built in browser (which asks you if you want it to be the default) it completely ignores anything that you say and Skyfire shuts the regular browser down. This app is more complication than it’s worth. Even trying to text message becomes incredibly slow and your phone will freeze, or open up Internet based things.

If you are looking to watch video’s you might as well just download the YouTube app and except the truth that you may possibly never get the chance to watch embedded video’s while surfing through the browser. Unless you decide to buy a phone that does let you get the option of downloading flash player for now you are pretty screwed out of the option entirely.  Skyfire may sound promising but underneath the lies and beautifully written description, it’s disaster for your phone. You are probably safer if you perform a séance with your phone than downloading this app.