Top 8 most hot cosplay outfits Apr05


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Top 8 most hot cosplay outfits

8. Evil SpiderGirl


Who wouldn’t want this friendly neighborhood superhero to be swinging through their city?

7. Hot Chick

No con is complete without her.

6. SuperGirl

Krypton is probably missing her, but we are deffinetly keeping her in our solar system.

5. Pikachu

I am pretty sure I am going to become a Pokemon trainer.

4. Cloud Strife

What Con or list is complete without one sexy Cloud out of five million ugly Cloud’s  walking around?

3. Pheonix

Now I know why Professor X favored her…

2. Misa

That apple looks delicious…

1. Sailor Uranus

Is there anything else to say except for wow? I think not.