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Musical Monday: Aquaman’s Lament

Musical Monday is an attempt to ease the burden of mondays by playing great and geeky music. This song was a suggestion from Kyle McCarley. If you have any suggestions, send an email to blondie@omfg.fm.

Merry Monday Everyone!
In light of the recent news of Aquaman getting his own series again, I chose “Aquaman’s Lament” for this weeks “Musical Monday”. When asking people about lame super heroes, Aquaman is the one that comes up first. I mean, what can he do? “Lots of cool stuff” is the #¤%” answer! Think about all the things aquaman can do (and the fact that he’s freaking king), while listening to this song by Mark Aaron James. While the video is quite lackluster with a slideshow of pictures pertaining to the song (click here for a WoW machinima version), the instruments are well compased and the lyrics are incredibly clever. It succeeds in doing something that few has ever managed to do, make Aquaman seem cooler than Batman by comparison.