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Weekly Media Wrap-up

Hey all you Futurama fans, looks like 26 more episodes are coming your way from Comedy Central. More @ ComedyCentral

Here is the Trailer for The Three Musketeers. It looks promising. I just really wish they didn’t feel the need to put everything in 3D. More @ IMDB

Peter Jackson is adding more characters to The Hobbit. While he did brilliantly with the LOTR trilogy I am very hesitant about this one. More @ BleedingCool

Look out world here comes another remake. Plan 9 from Outer space is getting the “make it worse than the original” treatment. When will Hollywood stop remaking things? It wouldn’t be so bad if they would stop “improving” the best bits. They usually just frack them up. More @ BleedingCool

Here is a quick look at the Doctor Who Prequel that sets up a look at the New Who season. I am so excited for the Doctor to come to America. More @ BleedingCool

Burn Notice prequel! It is all about my favorite side kick Sam Axe played by the great and epik Bruce Campbell. All Evil Dead fans should stick around until the end of the trailer. More @ EW

Lois Lane throughout the years, the 14 official looks of the Lane with the brain. More @ EW

Wolverine may have lost its director last week but it is not dead in the water. Jackman says he will stay on board for the project. More @ EW

Looks like Batman will be rebooted (yet) again. Warner Bros. is looking to make a Justice League movie (yet) again. This time with the help of Christopher Nolan no less. So Batman won’t change that much and hopefully will not pick up suit-nipple along the way. More @ EmpireOnline

Amy Adams speaks very little about landing the role of Lois Lane. It seems Mum is the word to Adams on the coveted role. More @ EW

Here is the last Doctor Who trailer before the new season Premieres on the 23 of April. I am so excited and it is looking so good. Be still my beating heart! More @ BleedingCool

Well Last week i brought you the still of the Wonder Woman outfit, this week we get it (and her) in action. Please note there are a few changes and it does look better. I still would like the classic skirt though. More @ BleedingCool

Kyle Chandler may be getting a another starring role on TV. This time as Powers on a new FX show. I am hoping this hottie takes the role.More @ BleedingCool

Looks the the voice of Tomar-Re will be Oscar nominated actor Geoffrey Rush. Soon to be seen in Pirates 4 and last seen in The King’s Speech. More @ BleedingCool

Stan Lee will be teaming with Arnold Schwarzenegger to produce the Governator, a new Comic and Television project. All I can say is OMFG. More @ EW

Spock has joined the cast of Transformers 3. Nimoy is to be the voice of Sentinel Prime. Many Transformers fans will remember that Nimoy did the voice of Galvatron once upon a time. While we won’t see him, this still makes me (a huge Trekkie) interested in the 3rd transformers movie. Also, isn’t T3 a little far in to production to still be casting? More @ EW

Please Hollywood, stop remaking classic movies. This one is just not necessary. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH TIME BANDITS! More @ BleedingCool

The film may not cover anything in the Geek spectrum, but it does star some Geeks. Is everyone ready for another wild ride with The Hangover 2? More @ EW

Attack of the Block looks interesting and is from the people that brought you Shaun of the Dead. More @ BleedingCool

Falling Skies is TNT’s newest original series coming to the network. I may actually have to take a second and watch this. More @ IMDB