THE FRIDAY F#@& OFF: Sim City Classic Apr01


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THE FRIDAY F#@& OFF: Sim City Classic

Friday has graced itself upon us, and Rebecca Blacks artistic masterpiece is ringing in my ears.

“Friday gotta get down on Friday…”

But we still have this work day to get through before you can get down. How about a great browser game to play so your boss can’t tell that you are goofing off? Sim City Classic can provide countless hours of city building to help your day end quicker.


This is just simply the exact same as the original PC version of the game that spawned a whole series of city building “Sim” games, and it’s a great way to travel back down memory lane. There isn’t much to say if you have already played the game. If you haven’t, it’s basically a city builder where you are given a plot of land and you are the eternal mayor. You must use your time and money wisely to increase revenue and population so you can create a thriving metropolis. The game starts out in the year 1900 and as the time goes you gain or lose money and population depending on how well you built your city. Maintaining your city isn’t that hard, it just takes an incredible amount of planning and the game itself doesn’t really tell you how the best way to go about. You just have to learn through trail and error, like a real mayor. The graphics aren’t that great, but it’s faithful to the original. This adds to the “classic” feel while wasting many, many hours. It’s a great way to just end your week, god built the universe in one week so I have faith that you can build a glorious city by the slave labor of millions of fake people. The only issue with this game is that you can not play it in Google Chrome (FireFox was not tested), so fire up IE and wipe the cobwebs off of that old browser.

The game gets a 5/5 because when you play you’ll discover that your day is over very suddenly, and it’s just simply fun. It beats doing work on a Friday anyway. If this isn’t your thing however, than I totally suggest just listening to this on a loop it might be just up your ally. If neither of these things work for you then you could always just do your work, I mean you are getting paid to be there anyway.

Want to give it a go?  Head over to the EA site to play.


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