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Versus: Zombies v. Aliens

The time is quickly approaching when we will be forced to face the apocalypse and its wonders. Many people have a plan for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse and others have a plan for the approaching Alien Invasion. The ongoing debate over which one is worse should be laid to rest, either one would suck. We could take one more moment though, and keep the debate alive for just a little longer. Let’s take a look at the truths and lies behind both of them.

The chance of the zombie apocalypse is pretty slim; or in others eyes, inevitability. 1969’s “Night of the Living Dead” gave us our first glimpses of the flesh eating monsters we know as Zombies. The premise of the story was simple-stay alive, but the meaning and artistic point of the movie was based heavily in fear. At the time America was seeing mass corporations start to boom and consumerism was quickly growing. Capitalism was taking its grasp over the people and the people were beginning to question how this would affect the country.  George Romero wanted to express the fears of the nation and found that the best solution was to depict the people as zombies. Mass consumption and media has driven us to become mindless zombies who buy to feed our own vanity and greed. We work to get what we want which are things that we don’t actually need. So underneath it all, the Zombie Apocalypse has in fact happened.

Little green men coming into your house during the night is probably unlikely, unless you are in Alabama and then it’s just routine practice. Aliens started the same way that Zombie’s did, as the populations fear for an actual problem. Russia and the communistic ideals were quickly causing American’s to fear that they were facing a great threat; if communists decided to attack we would be relatively defenseless and our “great” country could be in for quite the struggle.  This fear created massive hysteria and the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” was born. People were so afraid that seeing aliens invade and America come out victorious was a comforting site. Thankfully this actual scenario or the Hollywood version hasn’t happened, but it could still be a possibility.

Fear has created two wonderful genres and every geek and non-geek alike can enjoy the movies and comics that have made their way into our cities. Truthfully both invasions have happened in various ways, and they are now topics in every household. The real life experience is something only time will give us, but the truths behind these genres has had a lasting impact on our world.  So for the sake of the argument, the Zombie Apocalypse has already happened. I guess living in a world of Zombies is better than a world full of Aliens.