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Retro Wednesday – A look at gaming past.

This marks the first of my Retro Wednesday segment, and what better to start off with then a Starcraft: Brood War map made by me?!

Got Starcraft: Brood War installed? Go ahead and download the map!

Back when the map editor was clunky and restrictive mappers had to get creative to provide new ways to enjoy the game and I was among the few pushing the editor to it’s limits with my Turn Based RPG maps and other crazy shinanigan maps. Turn Defense was my last map made for Starcraft and one of my best. Kyle and I spent countless hours playing this map, while I made it pretty difficult it’s still beatable.

Playing with a full house of 4 players will be alot easier to complete then trying to take this beast on solo, but it’s doable no-matter how many players you have! So let’s go over some of the maps features and run through a quick tutorial on how the gameplay actually works.


You’re in charge of stoping the evil baddies from killing all your precious floating cacoons! Sadly the area isn’t abundent with power so you’re going to have to spend minerals in exchange for power to your vision satelites. You also don’t have enough power to keep your buildings up and operational on the battlefield, so once they are constructed they train 1 unit and have to be shut down.

Resource Management: 

You’ve got 2 resources at your disposal, Minerals and Vespene Gas. Minerals are used to power your vision satelite. Vespene is used for unit production and upgrades. You’re limited to 2 probes, so you can focus on mineral gathering or vespene gathering or split your probes up and gather a smaller amount of both. The best practice here is to start off the map with 1 probe on minerals and 1 probe on vespene gas. You can have them switch roles at anytime, short on minerals for the next slow wave? Might be a good idea to focus on minerals for a bit. To turn on your vision satelites you’ve got a gateway in your base to Start and Stop sending power to them. Building a zealot will turn power transfer on and building a dragoon will turn it off. Make sure you’ve got your power turned off when you’re not needing to see the battlefield.

Unit Production:

Once you’ve got your vision satelites on you’ve got access to a field scv. This scv can build buildings which turn into combat units that fight off the incoming waves. But be careful, if you run out of power and can’t see the battlefield your units can’t attack the baddies. A full conversion list of what buildings make what units are on the bottom left of the map. You can also buy upgrades for your units slightly below your base, if you don’t you’re probably not going to last very long!

That should be all you need to get started on this map! Remember it’s hard and not for those with heart problems, anger issues or those who may think they’re pregnant.


Check out the gallery for some ingame screenshots.