App Wednesday: Brain Age Test 2 Mar30


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App Wednesday: Brain Age Test 2

Smart Phones have given us many great things, but the ability to waste our time is their best feature ever. Apps are being created for everything and it’s not surprising to find that the Android Market has Brain Age Test 2.  If you happen to not know, Brain Age was originally created for the DS and was a memory game designed to increase your intelligence; now it has been made by many different people for different devices. This is a game is for the android and was completely designed to help you go from mundane thinking to higher brain functions and abilities; and all this can be achieved with one game, astounding. Watch the time fly as you begin to unleash the inner genius you’ve hidden from the rest of the world.

Brain Age Test 2 is a basic memory game for the android. Much like the game Simon says and bop it this app tests your ability to follow a sequence of colors. It’s more of good pass time, if you like watching water freeze. It’s very repetitive and incredibly simple, but it’s still fun none the less. The game quickly gets more difficult and luckily you have 3 attempts so if you have enough brain power you have some help. Every time you fail you are pushed back a level and of course it gets harder. Brain Age Test 2 ranks your successes on a graph and gives you, like the title says, a Brain Age.  The better you do the lower your age, and the goal is to hit your accurate age or lower. I’m assuming that lower is better because at age 29 your brain works at 17.38% of your minds full potential; if it’s out of a 100% I don’t know.This game isn’t really an epic creation but it does help pass time and is a fun challenge. Plus I’ve never been able to get passed level 7, so it does get very difficult very quickly.

You will find yourself addicted to this game in a matter of minutes, and if you like games that are simple and time wasters you will really enjoy this game. I would give it a 5/5 because for an app game, it provides everything you expect, and you still find yourself playing it more than you are working.

Check it out for yourself in the Android Market.