Top 13 Worst and Awkward Moments of Final Fantasy Mar29


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Top 13 Worst and Awkward Moments of Final Fantasy

Let’s look at the moments that left us saying, “WTF” or even just laughing in our favorite JRPG series, Final Fantasy.

13. Wakka and Rikku’s…issue in Final Fantasy X
Watching Wakka say racist things about the Al Bhed with Rikku just sitting there was a bit awkward, and kind of sad.

12. First meeting Aerith in Final Fantasy VII
Flowers? 1Gil? Sure! I really need something to brighten up this gloomy place and the fire behind me.

11. Yuna singing 1000 words in Final Fantasy X-2

Great song and a beautiful scene, but what did it really have to do with saving Spira and when did singing actually save the world. Honestly,  I am actually pondering if Yuna is the Taylor Swift of Spira…

10. Vanille getting her skirt lifted in Final Fantasy XIII
Square really needs to make their moments more…romantic and definitely less rape. I didn’t know girls casually look up each others skirts. Actually a better question is, when is it okay for a man to do this?

9. Laguna’s nervous leg cramp in Final Fantasy VIII

I understand nervous laughing, and even nervous farting (which would have made the scene ten times worse) but what’s up with a leg cramp?  I mean really, who the hell gets those?

8.Cloud and Tifa’s moment in the lifestream in Final Fantasy VII
So now we know Cloud is a ragging lunatic…but does that make Tifa worse for wanting to get him in bed?

7. The moment you realize you are alone in Final Fantasy XI

If it’s an MMORPG, why am I the only one here?

6.  The voice acting of Final Fantasy XII
This whole thing was just overplayed. I am not a VA stickler in the slightest, but did these guys even try?

5. The Laughing Scene of Final Fantasy X

Tidus and Yuna should find a better stress relief…

4. Back Rubbing Mini-game of Final Fantasy X-2
This pseudo-lesbian scene wasn’t just a little awkward, it was just painfully horrifying. In my book, it took creepiness to a whole new level.

3. Seymour Guado from Final Fantasy X
He’s the herpes of Spira, he never goes away and is incredibly annoying. How many times do you have to kill someone before they take the hint that they are too much of a sissy to follow through with their plans. Like really Seymour, you fail…epically.

2. Meeting Rikku in Final Fantasy X

Now I’m down to watch any hot girl take her clothes off after making it through an underwater explosion, but I would prefer her not to be 15.

1.  All of Final Fantasy IX

Take a moment to reflect on the atrocious story and character set we were given. I personally felt like Square just gave us some left overs and filler to sustain us until FFX.