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Shoot Many Robots

Shoot Many Robots is a four player co-op sidescrolling shooter with modern day graphics that looks like it’s going to be a fun, quick little playthrough.  Demiurge Studios has this scheduled for downloadable release on the PC some time this year, and the gameplay trailerdefinitely has me interested.  What prompts this posting now, though, is the final week of their “Design Many Robots” contest.  If you fancy yourself a game designer or artistical type, Demiurge is having a robot designing contest that could land robots you design in the first expansion pack for the game.  They’ll even ship you out to Boston so you can visit their studio and see your robot in action as they put breathe mechanical artificial life into its oilstream.  Full contest details are here.


Press Release:


Final Week to ‘Design Many Robots’ for Demiurge Studios

Submissions Close Monday, April 4th for a Chance to Have Your Creation Included in ‘Shoot Many Robots’ from Demiurge Studios!


CONTEST UPDATE! Just a few weeks ago, Demiurge Studios, one of the largest and longest-running independent development studios in the Boston area, launched a contest for aspiring game designers and fans of the upcoming downloadable title, Shoot Many Robots.

The online contest – dubbed ‘Design Many Robots’ – asked creators to design their own vision of mechanical terror to be shot full of lead in the upcoming project, vying for a chance to have their robot appear in the first expansion pack for Shoot Many Robots when it launches in 2011. Winners of the contest will also be given the chance to be flown to the Boston area to visit Demiurge Studios in person and watch their own robot creation come to life within the game.

Full contest details at the following link:

After announcing this contest during GDC, the fans showed up en masse to visit Demiurge Studios during PAX East 2011 in Boston.  Fans got a chance to meet many of the game’s designers, watching them create concepts on-site. Fans even had the opportunity to draw and submit their own creations right in the Shoot Many Robots booth!

The team received a plethora of mechanical submissions, many of which can be seen in the Shoot Many Robots forums online.

Each and every robot, large and small, bares its own offensive and defensive characteristics that will be challenging up to four players at once on screen.  The Demiurge team has also given a breakdown of existing robots on their website, and asks that players carefully consider building enemies that will be just as challenging as they are fresh and creative.

Remember, sumbissions for the contest will close on Monday, April 4th! That’s just less than one full week for fans to have a shot at seeing their robot come to life before their eyes in Boston with the Demiurge team, and see it blown to pieces in the game’s first DLC pack when it hits later this year.

For more information about Shoot Many Robots, as well as the contest ‘Design Many Robots’, please  Also be sure to follow the game onFacebook and Twitter.

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