Back it up like a dump-truck Mar23


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Back it up like a dump-truck

Data backup is essential these days. And with so many free options it’s crazy not to utilize these services. The best service I’ve run into happens to beDropbox, which is by far the easiest I’ve used aswell. All you have to do is setup and account and download the dropbox software. Once you have it installed and you login the program sets up a new folder on your system called My Dropbox. From there it acts just like a normal windows folder except that it will sync all the files/folders in that directory back to the Dropbox server where you can then install Dropbox on different computers and access your files there or use the website to access and download specific files to whatever computer you’re on.

Did I also mention it has an Android app? Yup that’s right, your precious files can be accessed while on the go aswell! Dropbox has a couple subscription plans but has a 2gig free plan aswell, with referals you can get up to 8gigs for free! That not enough space for you? It’s only $9.99 a month for 20 gigs or $19.99 for 100 gigs. If you’re interested in giving it a try go ahead and use this referal link below to get an extra 250 megs of space right off the bat!



Using a different backup software you think is better then Dropbox? Let us know in the comments!