The Friday F#@& Off: Dragon Age Legends on Facebook Mar18


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The Friday F#@& Off: Dragon Age Legends on Facebook

Overrun with evil, the world is calling for a Hero. If you feel up to the challenge Facebook has added yet another wonderful game to their list; EA has created Dragon Age Legends,The prequel to Dragon Age 2.

You are called upon to stop the crisis of a land overrun by Darkspawn and to figure out just what the hell is happening to the World.  However, you are left in the dark for a remarkable time, and the reason why you are actually helping the world is very unclear. You end up spending about an hour or two just looking for people to give you information and tell you what to do just so you can start your quest.

You get the luxury of choosing a character and what they look like, from their face shape to their hair and that’s where the fabulous character design ends,this game is still in Beta and the feature is a little dull but has a very promising look. You get to chose between the traditional Classes of Warrior, Mage, or Rouge, each with their respective abilities. In my case I chose a warrior and gave him the name of Reiko (Ray-ko). The game gives you basic weapons and armour and then hands you a really nice gift of some better armour that you can’t wear until level three, which is an easy task. From there you are thrown into your castle, which is more of a stronghold and your base of operations. You can use the gold you collect through battles to build your castle and hire workers who will craft you potions, weapons, and items that prove very useful in battle.

Now for the story, it starts out increasingly difficult but quickly takes on a faster and more difficulty. You follow a very linear path that has points of encounters where you get items, tips, or get involved in very difficult warfare. You have to use your friends to create a party and the battles become so difficult that it’s not just a luxury, it’s a must. Just like any other Facebook game, DAL gives you more benefits based upon how many friends you can persuade, stalk, annoy, and ultimately nag until they join. You can only have 2 friends join you in battle, but the turn-based battle field shows more slots for more people. Outside of Beta or with a higher level, I am assuming you will get to fill those slots with more friends. Hopefully it will make battle go fromheartbreakingly difficult to a nice Sunday piece of cake. The only issue I really see with this feature is it takes hours to get the option to use the same friend again and if you run out of allies, you are screwed out of continuing the game. The battle system, is a basic turn-based RPG without any significant features, but the enemies do like to target you more than your allies, which leaves you feeling frustrated, cheated, and dead…a lot.

Overall this game is a must play if you like Dragon age or mindless Facebook games and it shows a lot of promise. I can’t wait to see it out of Beta because the features are still a little dry and the story is very liner and a bit hidden, but the items and the level system makes up for it; and the fact that like any other Facebook game you will find yourself missing many hours of work because you just need to kill one more Darkspawn.

The game gets a 4 out of 5 but hopefully it can make up that last point when it comes out of Beta and the much needed tweaks are fixed.

Try it out for yourself here. Or you can download it to your mobile and play from there.


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