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Guilt and a web comic

I have no idea how this became possible.  I actually feel guilty because I have not been reading my favorite web comic.  It started innocently enough.  I took a new job in a new city, commuting back and forth 1100 miles at a time.  Between my obsesive desire to be awesome at my new job, and my desire to work much overtime to avoid the reality that I was so far away from my wife and kid, I missed my first Monday release.  Then, I missed Wednesday.  Then I missed November.

Something funny happened about mid January.  I started feeling guilty for turning my back on the PA crew!  Every time I had a few minutes to burn on a trip to the site, guilt stopped me.  I actually had enough guilt that I was actually avoiding the topic in casual conversation.  How rediculous!  I doubt that good ol’ G & T gave two shits about my missing a few of their postings.  Why was I letting myself feel guilty about it?

No more!  Today, I am back on the Fruit Fucker band wagon!

Also, I am a dick.